Marketing to the Education Sector

The education sector in the UK covers nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. This is a huge potential market for companies that sell educational equipment, products, resources and services via mailing and communication campaigns.

The difficulty for businesses is often how they reach this huge resource of educational establishments. Looking up each school or university takes time and even if you get the name of the establishment you may not reach the financial decision maker.

If your sales brochure or marketing literature does not reach the right person then there is little point in sending it as it may go straight into the bin or the recycling! This is a waste of time and money and means that a lot of marketing effort will generate little response.

The specific person that your marketing literature needs to reach often varies from education establishment to education establishment. Sometimes the head teacher may be the financial decision maker, or it may be the bursar or procurement officer.

This means a lot of research needs to be put into who is the correct person to target at each establishment, including getting hold of their name and job title so your marketing material can be personalised and will go straight to their desk.

If you are a busy company then you may not have time to research into the right contacts at the schools and colleges you want to reach. This is where an education contacts database can help you identify the right people quickly and simply.

You can use the services of a company who collates databases of contacts and even sends out your marketing material to them. This takes away the hassle of having to draw together a contacts list and spend time mailing out your catalogue and marketing material.

Databases of education contacts are particularly useful because getting your material to the right person at large institutions can be very difficult. These contacts databases will ensure you get a better response to your marketing campaign and gain some new clients.

Education contact databases are regularly updated too, meaning that even if you space out your campaigns and staff at your target establishment change over time, you will still be reaching the right person.

Education database contacts can also be drilled down into specific segments and categories according to the people you want to reach. This means you can narrow the resource into specific demographics. So these databases are really useful as a marketing tool for businesses that target the education sector.

What Is Trade Show Marketing?

If your products and services are of best quality and nobody knows about them, it is of no use. People should know about your products/services so that they can think of buying them and you get sales from them. There are various marketing techniques used today by various businesses. Based upon requirement of your business, you need to implement a prefect marketing technique. Once you choose a right technique, nobody can stop you from bringing sales.

Trade shows are one of the best marketing techniques utilized in the industry today. It is a technique that brings your targeted customers directly to your product/service. It gives you an opportunity to showcase or promote your product/service to those who are interested in it.

Most likely, the attendees of the trade show are interested in your product/service that’s why they are there. So, you don’t need to convince them how important and beneficial the product/service is. You just need to display your product/service as the best in the industry. It works very well to boost your business. That is why lots of trade exhibitions are organized in all the countries. You get an opportunity to introduce your new product/service, sell existing product, meet new customers, and build business relationships. Trade fair marketing is the most cost-effective method and you can approach targeted customers face to face.

Today, there is a trend of trade show marketing. So, you need to follow the trend to endure in the cutthroat competition. It is the best technique to approach your intended customers, show you product/service to them, and thereby enhance your sales.

If you want to implement trade exhibition marketing, you need to keep few things in mind like:

· Set your goal: Try to make out what opportunities and benefits you will get from the trade expo to create your business. Once your objectives are set, you can proceed with it in a properly planned way.

· Select : There are many trade shows available in the market like well-established, new, smaller, bigger, etc. Don’t go for the show where many are going. It is not compulsory that bigger shows have bigger impact. Select a right exhibition based upon your requirement.

· Pre-show marketing: In large trade shows, it is quite difficult to get noticed. So, to catch your customers and pull them directly towards your stand, make sure you send them personal invitations before the show by email or direct mail. This is important because a busy stand catches attention and encourages more people to visit.

· Try something unique: In a large trade show, you need to stand out in the crowd. Try out something different that differentiate you from other stands to catch attention and enhance your sales. E.g. encourage visitors’ participation, integrate an interactive booth where your product is shown to people in action, provide yummy snacks on your stand to tempt people to stop and relax, etc.

· Impress with proper dress: If you are spending so much money on a trade show, then you should also look after the dressing sense of your staff. It also creates an impression on your customers. Your staff should be branded as trade show marketing is a branded exercise.

· Follow up after the trade show: In order to get an idea about the impact of your trade show and how you got the most from it, you need to follow up. Categorize the leads, develop a standard follow-up email that can be sent to the participants, contact all prospects quickly and effectively, etc.

When you would like to go for trade show marketing, follow all the above tips and experience the success of the show. Use it as a marketing tool to enhance your sales and build business relationships for long term. Good Luck!

Training In MLM – How To Achieve Success In Your Network Marketing Business

Are you struggling with your network marketing business? Not seeing any results from your efforts? If that is you, I encourage you to stick around, because I will be sharing some important training in MLM tips on how you can achieve success in your network marketing business. By the end of this article, I hope you will have a better understanding of this topic, so without further ado, allow me to dive right in!

Invest In Yourself

The best investment you can ever make in life is in yourself. Do not belittle the power of lifelong learning. Just because you graduated from school many years ago does not mean that you stop learning. Network marketing in essence is all about building your character and improving your skills. It is vital that you strive to perfect skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, time management skills and marketing skills, just to name a few. If you are new in network marketing, I definitely recommend that you sign up for training in MLM, and most network marketing companies should provide their new members with that.

Train Your Downlines

If you already have your own downlines, you should also send them for training in MLM. Your downlines play an important role in how successful you become in your business. There is nothing wrong with recruiting new members, but I personally feel that you should work with what (or this case, who) you have first. Your aim should be to train your downlines until they are self-sufficient, independent and able to build their network on their own. That will save you a lot of time so you can focus on other aspects of your business, rather than trying to build your direct network while simultaneously helping your downlines build theirs.

Set Goals

I am not sure if you have heard of the saying that goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Goal-setting is an important process in life. Think about why you first joined the company you are in. Do you want to be successful? Do you want to make an impact in the industry? Or do you simply want to exist in someone’s network? Goals provide direction, especially when you feel lost. Always check on your goals to see if you are moving in the right direction. Do the same for your downlines as well. Tell them to set their own goals and check on them regularly.

With that I hope you benefited from my training in MLM tips and I hope you have a better understanding of how you can achieve success in your ventures. I wish you all the best and may you have a good year ahead.

Get Dimensional With Direct Mail

On any given day, you’ll find a potpourri of mailers in your mailbox. Maybe a few postcards, a couple letters, the odd self-mailer or two. While these have value, they can also get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, what you need to stand out. Sometimes, what you need is a piece of mail that excites a little curiosity, that people can’t put aside because they have to know what’s inside.

What you need is a dimensional mailer.

A dimensional mailer is just fancy direct mail marketing speak for a piece of mail that’s not flat. That might be a box, it might be an envelope with a little something inside. Whatever it is, it stands out. It’s not like all the other letters in your mailbox. It’s an unknown quantity that you need to open right now, because it could be anything. It also evokes fun childhood memories, like waking up Christmas morning and tearing into your presents. Everyone loves a mystery box.

What’s inside that box or that bulky envelope? The sky’s the limit, really. Maybe it’s a beautiful Christmas ornament as a holiday gift; maybe it’s a fun branded piece of swag sent to a prospect. Whatever it is, the unusual shape and the inherent fun of a box gets people to open your package, take a look and read more about what you can offer them.

Get creative with what you send. For instance, can you send a client only part of something so they need to contact you for more information? A commercial snow removal company might send a property manager a single glove. To get the other, all they have to do is call-no obligation. It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s memorable and it gets people to call you.

It goes without saying that dimensional mail is more expensive than flat mail. It’s heavier, bigger and bulkier, plus you have to pay for the item inside that mysterious package. As a result, you have to be smart and targeted when it comes to deciding who receives your piece. This isn’t the kind of piece you’ll send to a million random prospects; this is the kind of piece you’ll send to a tailored, vetted list of great current customers or qualified prospects who are likely to buy in the near future.

Remember to make the most of your investment by having strong calls to action. Make sure it’s crystal clear what you’re asking recipients to do-call for information? Visit a website? Just appreciate a special thank-you gift? And don’t leave the ball totally in their court. Follow-up matters. Give them a call, make sure they got your package and close the sale.